Themeplace Reseller Partner

Become a Themeplace Affiliate or Reseller Partner and earn passive income everyday

How Does it Work

Let's Start with 3 Simple Steps



Register on as affiliate member and fill the reseller form by clicking on "Become Reseller" button to assign special reseller commission on your ID and a special coupon.


Sell Products

Sell products on your website, youtube channel, social media using your affiliate link or can simply provide themeplace special discount coupon to your users.


Earn Money

Once the user make purchase on then he can use your provided coupon to your users to get discount and you will get 25% commission on each successful order completion.

Frequently Asked Questions & Commissions

What is the Themeplace Affiliate and Reseller Program?

Themeplace Affiliate and Reseller program is a partnership to mutually benefit the affiliated partners and woochamp. The partners calls attention to traffic and diverting potential customers to themeplace. Affiliate partners can earn upto 30% commission whereas reseller partners can directly earn 25% commissions on the generated sale.

What is the difference between affiliate member and reseller member?

There is no such big deference except type of commissions both the members receiving. you can check commissions rates below. 

How can I apply to the Affiliate program?

Apply for the Themeplace affiliate program by clicking below “Become Affiliate Member” button.

How can I apply to the Reseller Partner?

Once you become a affiliate member then you can apply for reseller partner by clicking below "Become Reseller Member" button.

Is there any condition to become reseller partner?

There is no condition to become Reseller partner but once you become reseller partner the you should generate 10 sales every month to constant receive 25% commission on each sale. We may monitor your generated sales and also may downgrade your level to affiliate member from reseller if fail to generate sales for continue 2 months.

How discount coupon works for the user?

You can request for maximum 2 themeplace coupons while submitting reseller request. These coupons can can be used while placing order on (single coupon can be used at a time) and once the order completed then your commission will be added in your themeplace partner dashboard.

How does coupon calculated?

If the product value is Rs.1000 and your coupon value is 10% then user will get Rs.100 Discount after applying coupon and your commission will be calculated on Rs.900 so the final commission amount will be Rs.225/-.

And you don't need coupon for your customers then your commission will be calculated from product amount that is Rs.1000/-. 

Note: maximum requested coupon value will be 10%

How much do I have to pay to join the program?

There are absolutely no cost involved in joining or being the part of woochamp affiliate and reseller program.

How long does your tracking cookies last?

The cookies placed in your visitor browser 60 days until he clear browser history.

What are the payment methods?

Partners have an option of receiving payments via paypal or bank transfer.

When will I receive my payment?

All payouts will be done on 7th of each month once it verified by themeplace.

How do I track the commission I have earned?

From your member account dashboard you can track the conversions. It will be reflect in your dashboard panel whenever a conversion made through your link. You can access the overview of the conversions on the dashboard section and have a detailed report.

How do I find my affiliate link?

You can find your affiliate link in the affiliate dashboard.

What is the minimum withdrawal limit?

We have minimum Rs.1000 threshold limit and your withdrawal request only be approved once your earning verified.

Still have question?

For any further queries, you can reach us on WhatsApp +91 9653 11 6989

Affiliate Commission

Level Payout Achieve Level
Silver 10% None
Gold 20% 100 Referrals
Platinum 30% 1000 Referrals

Reseller Commission

LevelPayoutAchieve Level